What is the freespace foundation?

The Foundation is a charitable organisation which provides a fully furnished mixture of individual office space and co-working space; without the cost of rent, rates or landlords service charge. With just a small contribution requested towards the cost of heat and light, we can offer our occupiers a year's usage of the space with no added costs.

At the Freespace Foundation, we aim provide our unique Freespace offer to new businesses during their set up process, including those who desire to develop from working at home to a rented property. Our charity can also provide our offer to small, yet growing business as they expand. The first Freespace Business Incubation Centre was located at Enterprise Court, Manvers, Rotherham. South Yorkshire is known for its record of business success and was selected as an area to encourage further business diversity and development. The centre proved to be very successful assisting some 30 businesses. The space is no longer available and the centre has closed having fulfilled it's function.

We have provided a flexible space with our easy-in, easy-out conditions, so there is no long term commitment should your business wish to move on. Our charity has also installed both a telecom and broadband system under these same straightforward terms. Our occupiers can sign up to the offered technology systems to create a professional and up to date working environment.

Our free of charge offer will apply only for our occupiers first year in the space; subsequently, occupiers will have to find commercial space elsewhere or rent one of our large offices.

Do I qualify for Freespace and what are the terms?

To qualify for this, the business must be:

  • A start up enterprise.
  • A home-worker moving into space for the first time.
  • A Business which does not currently have premises in the Local area and is looking to employ people locally.
  • Preference will be given to unemployed people starting their own business.

It is not available to businesses currently located in commercial premises in the area.

What are the terms?

  • Free of rent, rates, service charge & landlords insurance.
  • Maximum free occupancy of one year.
  • No long term commitment (one weeks notice only required).
  • Contribution to heat and light costs of £5 per week per person.
  • Must take telecom system.
  • Businesses must make every effort to take on unemployed people when employing staff.


Accommodation can be provided from single desks in co-working areas, small offices ranging from one person up to 15 people.

Telecoms and broadband will be provided for which a change will be made.

Meeting room and break out space will be provided.


For more information and viewings, please contact:

Tom Stokes, The Freespace Foundation

Email: gav@jmcope.co.uk

Mobile: 07879485898

Useful Links

For further business advice and links to useful information:

Start Up Britain Start Your Own Business RiDO Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce smarta


Wentworth & Dearne "I helped launch the Freespace Foundation's first project in Rotherham in 2012. It has been a great success, with the charity working closely with the council and in two years transforming a row of nearly-empty offices into a thriving hub with more than 100 workers.
"Rotherham has been promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship in our schools for several years and our model for doing so has been followed around the country.
"The Freespace Foundation's project at Enterprise Court in Manvers gave our local entrepreneurs a helping hand and the support they needed to ensure their fledgling businesses could become established.
"This is so important because SMEs make a huge contribution to our local and national economy."
John Healey, MP for Wentworth & Dearne
ridoEnterprise Court is a great example what can be achieved when the Council and the business work together. Our work with the Freespace Foundation has helped us find a new way to transform a previously unused and unloved office development into a hive of small business activity, creating jobs for local people and strengthening our economy by supporting the growth of new businesses
alis-onlineeI was working from home and using local hotels for meetings whilst trying to establish and grow my business. I was introduced to the Freespace Foundation by my son-in-law and took an office in their facility at Fairfield Park. This gave me a proper business address and decent meeting facilities as well as a readymade business community to speak to and grow with. We are now at a break-even point with the business and are looking to take on staff to help us grow our sales, we could not have achieved this without the help of The Freespace Foundation.
John Whaling
ALIS Online Limited

I was a small company based at my home address and struggling to increase market presence due to restrictions around meetings and stock holding. When I met with the foundation I talked through my concerns and they helped me develop a plan for growth over a 12 month period. With this help and assistance from the local chamber of commerce I have managed to increase sales significantly, employee 2 local people and make a targeted plan for export.
Matthew Payne
marpro-investI have started my business from scratch. Thanks to the Freespace Foundation, their help and their free office, my business had the chance to look professionally for potential clients from the first days. Today, the business has grown, is stable, employs office staff and has a positive cash flow.
Thank you Freespace Foundation.
Marek Niedzwiedz, director of Mar-Pro Invest Ltd
lme.jpgBeing able to benefit from the initial low-cost Freespace Foundation offering in Manvers really helped to get our business off the ground. It enabled us to fully establish our business and grow without the sky-high financial costs. This early opportunity in the first year to invest in our business as opposed to rental costs meant we could employ additional staff to increase our trading capacity. Now we able to rent a larger office unit in the same location and further develop our business success. Overall Freespace is a wonderful initiative that has breathed new life and increased employment back into the local economy, something that other areas of the UK could well do with benefitting from too.
Emma Stanley, Managing Director, LME Move
"As a start up company we were looking for premises which met our requirements but all were too expensive and there was no funding available. The Freespace Foundation provided the space we needed to get the company started. They were very accommodating and innovative in meeting our needs and we are now confident about our future growth.''
Naheem Khan, Legal Claimz Ltd

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