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You want to buy an office at Enterprise House but you need finance and you need the right Solicitor to ensure the transaction goes through smoothly. We can help

Commercial Lending at the moment is very difficult. Many Lenders do not want to lend into this market. Even those who do want to lend can be very slow in putting finance together and actually lending the funds. The terms can be very onerous. Clients with good track records and reasonable deposits can be rejected and may find it difficult to understand why.

That is where we come in. JustCommercial  have worked with The Rightspace and a national lender to put together a finance package designed for you.

We have got prior agreement by our Lender to lend against this excellent development. We have agreed favourable terms and a reasonable deposit for the right borrowers.

Unfortunately we may not be able to help everyone. All Lenders are very cautious and only want to lend money to Borrowers who they believe can afford the repayments on the loan and have the necessary business model to generate the income for those repayments.

However what we can do is guarantee to assess your application very quickly and to tell you whether or not we can get you finance. If we say we can then we should  be able to deliver that finance and to deliver it quickly subject to the information we require being provided by you to back up the details supplied by you to assess the loan application

Once you have your loan in place you are going to need a Solicitor to act on your behalf for the purchase. Commercial Property Transactions are complex. You should only use Solicitors who are really familiar with such transactions.

 Again we can help. We work with a specialist firm of commercial property lawyers who can assist you. They will be acting solely on your behalf , are entirely independent of the Developers  and will ensure that you get best advice in accordance with your requirements.

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Just Commercial Mortgages


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